Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a NFQ Level 8 primary degree (or equivalent) in health, social science, medical sciences, statistics, economics or a relevant discipline. Applicants holding a cognate Master Degree may also be considered.

In exceptional circumstances, applicants without a suitable primary degree (NFQ Level 8) may be recommended for entry to the programme after a review of their qualifications and experience by the Admissions Advisory Committee.


Technical Requirements

To access and interact with the course content, assignments and assessments etc., students will require access to a PC/Laptop running at least Windows 7 or later or a recent version of Mac OSX. Common plug-ins such as Microsoft Silverlight, Java and Flash will also be required. Students must have access to MS Office or an equivalent suite of applications such as Open Office.

Students must also have access to a modern standards compliant web browser. We recommend either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. A minimum of 1MB download speed and 500KB upload speed is required. To engage productively and successfully with the content, basic technical computer skills such as familiarity with word processing, web browsing and email is recommended.