Olga Cleary (McDaid)

Cohort: 2008

Institution: Trinity College Dublin

Primary supervisor: Prof. Charles Normand, Edward Kennedy Chair of Health Policy and Management, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Alan Kelly, Dept. of Public Health and Primary Care, Trinity College Dublin.
Prof. Susan Smith, Dept. of General Practice, Royal College of Surgeons.

Thesis title:The Chronic-ills of Multimorbidity: a cross-sectional examination of prevalence, patterns and factors associated with multimorbidity in the Irish population aged 50 years and over and its corresponding impact on health and social care outcomes.

Current affiliation: Institute of Public Health

Recent and on-going projects:
EU CHRODIS addressing chronic conditions across the lifecycle.

ICARE4EU – improving care for multimorbid patients across the EU.

Scoping a population health approach to dementia prevention/

Review of the National Breastfeeding Strategy/ Mental Health in Early Years

Research interests:
Epidemiology, public health policy, health promotion, multimorbidity, chronic conditions, ageing, health inequalities, health services research.

McDaid O, Hanly MJ, Richardson K, Kee F, Kenny R A and Savva GM. 2013. The effect of multiple chronic conditions on self-rated health, disability and quality of life among the older populations of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. BMJ Open, 3 (6).

McAvoy H, Kabir Z, Reulbach U, McDaid O, Metcalf O and Clancy L. 2013. A Tobacco-Free Future – an all-island report on tobacco, inequalities and childhood. Dublin: Institute of Public Health in Ireland and Tobacco Free Research Institute Ireland.

Hanley M, McDaid O, Richardson K, Kee F, Kenny RA and Savva G. 2011. Multimorbidity And Disability In The Irish Population, CARDI: Dublin.

McDaid O. Caught In The Web: Mapping Older People’s Information Pathways To Public Services. February 2012. Older and Bolder: Dublin.

Cleary O, Kelly A, Normand C and Smith SM. Cross-sectional analysis of multimorbidity prevalence and patterns in a community-dwelling Irish cohort (under review).

Cleary O, Smith S M, Kelly A and Normand C. Multimorbidity and healthcare utilisation in a cross-sectional study of the community-dwelling Irish population aged 50 years and over (in preparation).

Cleary O, Normand C, Smith SM and Kelly A. Factors associated with multimorbidity in a cross-sectional study of the community-dwelling Irish population aged 50 years and over (in preparation).

Other selected reports:
McAvoy H, Cotter N, Cleary O, Purdy J, Keating T, Metcalf O. Review and Evaluation of Breastfeeding in Ireland – A 5 Year Strategic Action plan 2005-2010. February 2014. Health Service Executive (forthcoming).
Timmins F, McDaid O, Kielthy P. McCarron M. Report of the National Consultation with Service Users and Service Providers on The Provision Of Home Nursing Services For People With State Acquired Hepatitis C. 2011. Health Service Executive (unpublished).

Conference papers and presentations:
IPH Open Conference, Croke Park, 10/2013. ‘Chronic Conditions: the need for a comprehensive public health approach’.

IGS Annual and Scientific Meeting, Croke Park, 07/2013. ‘Prevalence, patterns and healthcare burden of multimorbidity in the older Irish population’.

IGS Annual and Scientific Meeting, Croke Park, 09/2012. ‘The effect of multimorbidity and deprivation on self-reported health and GHQ caseness - a cross-sectional analysis of the Scottish Health Survey’.

TILDA Scientific Meeting, 04/2013. ‘Multimorbidity in the older Irish Population’.

British Society of Gerontology, 07/2013. ‘The healthcare burden of multimorbidity in the older Irish population’.

Particular knowledge and skills Olga is willing to share with SPHeRE Programme scholars:
Health services research
Research methods
Writing skills

Contact email address: mcdaido@tcd.ie