Alumni-Scholar Coaching Panel

The precursor of the SPHeRE Programme (the HRB Scholars Programme in Health Services Research) has now produced a range of successful graduates and new researchers who are currently involved in various research and policy-related roles within Ireland and beyond. This group of alumni are an important resource for the SPHeRE Programme, both for what they can offer, and gain from on-ongoing involvement post-graduation as PhDs.

In October 2013 the Alumni Scholar Coaching Panel was established with fourteen founding members. Each panel member’s research interests and contact details are made available to current SPHeRE scholars in order to create a viable support resource from within the SPHeRE research community. Alumni are in a privileged position to offer SPHeRE scholars peer-level support in terms of methodological, research production and career development skills. For alumni also this is a positive initiative in that enables them to remain formally connected to the programme after graduation; links them into current research priorities, and offers opportunities to share their own research. It also gives alumni a chance to develop entry-level PhD supervisory practice.

The role of the alumni scholar-coach is different to that of a supervisor nonetheless in that it offers mainly technical and practical support while directing scholars to their supervisors when key research decisions need to be made.

For more information on the Alumni Scholar Coaching Panel, please email Dr Sarah Barry, Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning,

If you are an alumni and would like to include your profile on the website, please email