Upgrading the national skills base

We recognise that our six foundational taught modules provide a skills-base needed by a much wider group than we teach currently. In addition to making the taught programme more accessible to a range of candidates including HRB and other research fellows, we recognise that professionals, managers and policy makers working in a variety of contexts need to upgrade their knowledge of statistics, health economics, systematic reviewing, policy analysis and research methods.

We embrace the challenge of catering for this audience and intend: to continue developing the quality of the taught programme in terms of its topical focus and our teaching and learning methods; to make it more accessible through eLearning, diploma qualification, short courses and further part-time options; and to be proactive in promoting the SPHeRE programme across the health research and service network, particularly with such potential partner organisations as the Department of Health (DoH), the Health Services Executive (HSE), the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), as well as medical charities and other agencies.

We intend to strengthen and develop those elements of the taught programme that are focussed on building professional and personal skills so that graduates have not only the research capacity, but also the practical and organisational capability to drive team-based, relevant projects that have traction within the practice and policy contexts.

SPHeRE modules

• Perspectives on Population Health & Health Services Research

• Health Systems, Policy & Management

• Systematic Reviewing and Protocol Development

• Practical Approaches to Population Health & Health Services Research- Methods & Study Design

• Working with Health Information and Data ­ Informatics and Statistical Analysis

• Health Economics

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