SPHeRE Network

The SPHeRE Network is an emerging national network connecting research, policy and practice in population health and health services. It brings together those who produce and use research and welcomes members who are interested in developing dialogue between research and health action.

We are currently in the early stages of network formation but are embarking on a process of actively seeking to connect the various stakeholders in population health and health service research in Ireland. The network will create opportunities for developing research which supports the information needs of those involved in policy and service provision.

The Network forms part of the SPHeRE programme and is hosted by University College Cork.

Aims of the SPHeRE network

The SPHeRE Network aims to:

  • Promote interchange between researchers, service providers and policy makers to support better use of research
  • Influence research priorities so that they better reflect the needs of the public, policymakers and service providers
  • Provide a collective voice for researchers in the wider policy debate
  • promote issues of common interest to funders, universities and Government

It does this by:

  • Representing the research community to Government, funding organisations, the management community and other professional bodies by initiating and leading discussion and responding to policy issues
  • Organising events to promote research findings and provide opportunities for dialogue between researchers, service providers and policy makers
  • Building international links with equivalent bodies

The SPHeRE Network is currently under development. For further information contact CiarĂ¡n McCarthy, Assistant Director for Network Development, e-mail ciaranmccarthy@rcsi.ie