Apply to the SPHeRE PhD Programme

Applications Procedure for 2018/19 SPHeRE PhD Programme

SPHeRE’s enrolment model has changed this year and applicants are advised to read the below carefully.

There are now two modes of application for entry to the SPHeRE Programme:

  1. the first mode is for individual applicants who wish to enrol on the Programme
  2. the second mode is intended to allow Funding Bodies (such as charities, philanthropic organisations or employers) or Supervisors with tied bursaries (either externally funded or tied to their own institutions) that can fund a Scholar for 4 years, to apply for inclusion of their candidate on the Programme
The deadline for applications is Mon. April 16th
Interviews will take place during the week of May 21st, 2018

 1. Individual applicants: HRB Funded or Self-funded

Individual applicants may apply for entry to the SPHeRE Structured PhD Programme in the same way as in previous years.

If applying for one of the three HRB Full-time Scholarships, please be aware that applicants successful in receiving a HRB Scholarship in 2018, can only be registered to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin or University College Cork. It will not be possible to apply the HRB Scholarship in other institutions.

However, individual self-funding applicants, either full-time or part-time, who either do not apply for a HRB Scholarship, or are not successful in receiving one, but are deemed suitable for entry to the SPHeRE Programme may register at any of RCSI, TCD, UCC, UCD, DCU, MU, NUIG or UL, where the relevant University registrations and fees are payable. No additional fees are payable to the SPHeRE Programme.

Individual Application

2. Alternative Funding (supervisor, employer or funder-led) applications

Where a suitable source of funding exists that will support a Scholar for 4 years, Supervisors, Funding Bodies, Employers etc. are invited to make application for the inclusion of a Scholar to the SPHeRE Programme. No fees accrue to the SPHeRE Programme for the inclusion of a Scholar, but the relevant University registrations and fees must be paid in full by the funder, in addition to agreed supports to their nominated Scholar. It is not necessary to have a specific candidate identified at this early stage, however, your chosen candidate will have to be interviewed by the SPHeRE Programme.

Supervisor, Employer or Funder-led Application