SPHeRE Programme

The SPHeRE programme provides a key infrastructure to support health research in Ireland through a unique and innovative PhD programme funded by the Health Research Board (HRB).

This programme is expanding Ireland’s capacity to conduct population health and health services research and maximise its translation into policy and practice.

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SPHeRE Network

The SPHeRE Network is Ireland’s largest population and health services research network connecting individuals working in research, policy and practice. We aim to facilitate opportunities for research activities which support the information needs of policy makers and health service providers. Through events and activities we proactively connect the individuals and organisations who produce and use health services research.

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SPHeRE Events

SPHeRE Network Spring Seminar - Tuesday 22nd February

Long Covid: What We Know, What Remains Unknown     Registration has now closed f[...]

SPHeRE Network Seminar with Prof Cathal Walsh - 7th December

The purpose, value and limitations of mathematical models in the COVID-19 pandemic: Perspectives fr[...]


Making Healthcare Accessible for Populations Experiencing Homelessness, by Dr Rikke Siersbaek

There is ample evidence which shows that populations who experience social exclusion and deprivation[...]

Diabetes and undiagnosed depression in the over 50s in Ireland, England and the USA, by Niamh McGrath

Diabetes is estimated as posing a 24 - 33% increased risk of new depression cases (1,2). This is tho[...]