The SPHeRE PhD Programme provides a national training facility in PHHSR. It is open to the best scholars regardless of institution or funding source.

  1. It is free, there are no additional costs.
  2. The HRB strongly encourage applicants who want PhD funding in PHHSR to include their students on Sphere.
  3. Structured PhD training as part of a cohort is now considered superior to the traditional model of individual training with bespoke modules.
  4. Inclusion on SPHeRE opens up many training, supervision and networking opportunities.

The application procedure for the 2019 SPHeRE cohort will open in Spring 2019. The 2019/20 academic year will commence on the 2nd October 2019. Further information is available at sphere@rcsi.ie

We have created a SPHeRE Information Package for Principle Investigators, Employers and other organisations with funding for a PhD student.