Introduction to blog

It’s a pleasure to introduce the SPHeRE Blog. The SPHeRE (Structured Population and Health-services Research Education) Programme is an innovative and ambitious research programme in population health and health services research funded by the Health Research Board. SPHeRE is a collaboration between all eight institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Not only is it a research programme, it is also a network: a system for academics, practitioners and public policy makers to converse, collaborate and learn from each other.

The focus of this blog will be to contribute to discussion on topical issues. It is envisaged that the blog will be updated every two weeks with new content ranging from public health policy formation and deliberation to health services practice and population health research. The blog will have a range of contributors from individuals across the SPHeRE network.

However, these are just our ideas. We would be delighted to hear your ideas for topics or contributors or indeed contribute yourself. If you have any, please contact