2018 Seminar Series: Prof Linda Collins

Date: 19 April 2018

Introduction to the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST) for building more effective, efficient, economical, and scalable interventions

Presenter:  Prof. Linda M. Collins, The Pennsylvania State University, United States; Fulbright Specialist at the Health Behaviour Change Research Group, National University of Ireland, Galway

Attendance is free, but Registration is required. Please click here to register.

Location: TR4, 123 St Stephens Green, RCSI, Dublin

Date and time: Thursday, 19 April 2018, 13:00

Tea & coffee afterwards.

Seminar overview: Development of the majority of behavioral, biobehavioral, and biomedical interventions in use today has been based primarily on the two-arm randomized controlled trial (RCT).  The RCT is an excellent way to determine whether an intervention is effective.  However, the treatment package approach is less helpful in providing empirical information that can be used to optimize the intervention to achieve improved effectiveness, efficiency, economy and scalability.  In this seminar an innovative methodological framework, the multiphase optimization strategy (MOST), will be introduced. MOST is based on ideas inspired by engineering methods, which stress both ongoing improvement of products and careful management of research and implementation resources.   A comprehensive strategy for intervention optimization, MOST includes three phases:  preparation, optimization, and evaluation.  MOST can be used to build a new intervention or to improve an existing intervention.  Using MOST it is possible to engineer an intervention to meet a specific criterion; for example, the objective might be to identify the intervention that achieves the best outcome obtainable for less than a specified implementation cost.

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