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Faculty of Education & Health Sciences: University of Limerick’s Faculty of Education & Health Sciences is currently recruiting for a Post Doctoral Researcher (Ethnic Minority Health) and a Research Assistant (Ethnic Minority Health). Further information for applicants and application material is available online. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, 7th October 2016. Applications must be completed online before 12 noon, Irish Standard Time on the closing date.



Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research Course: This new course aims to develop professional skills to help translate genomics research into healthcare products and services that ultimately benefit society.The rapid progress in genomics research over the past decade has brought great potential for public benefit. The next generation sequencing era is helping to develop diagnostic products, new approaches to drug discovery and development, and stratified medicine approaches to therapy. This course will focus on the specific knowledge required to translate and commercialise genomics research. For more information please click here.



Gold Medal Award for Disability Research: The National Disability Authority (NDA) has instituted an annual Gold Medal for quantitative disability research. In addition to the Gold medal, there will be a cash prize of €1,000. The award aims to promote quantitative disability research. The award is targeted at early career researchers.The NDA invites researchers to submit an abstract for consideration by 5pm Friday 28th October 2016. For further information click here.

New Horizons Interdisciplinary Research Awards: The Irish Research Council have launched their New Horizons Interdisciplinary Research Awards. All applicants must submit a mandatory Expression of Interest template (available on the Council’s website) by 4pm, Friday, 30th September 2016 to projects@research.ie. For further details on the main points of the Call please click here.



Irish Health Accounts Seminar: On the 10th November, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) will host a Health Accounts learning seminar following the recent publication of detailed estimates of Irish health care expenditure.  The Health Accounts data can be used to answer questions around Irish health care expenditure such as who is funding and providing various health care services and who is funding providers. The data can also be used to compare health expenditure over time and across countries. The seminar will take place between 9am to 1pm on 10th November 2016 at Corrigan Hall, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.  Advance registration for the seminar is required.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Mary Sheridan.

Academic Primary Care Career Development Study Day: The Association of University Departments of General Practice in Ireland (AUDGPI) is running an ‘Academic Primary Care Career Development Study Day’ for clinicians and non-clinicians working in or interested in becoming involved with primary care academia. This event is being hosted by The HRB Centre for Primary Care Research, RCSI on Thursday 24th (afternoon) and Friday 25th November. On Thursday 24th November (2-5pm) Professor Kathleen Bennett (HRB Research Leader award recipient 2015) will deliver a workshop on applying for research grant funding. Friday 25th of November will feature speakers at different stages of their academic primary care careers, will allow an opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from different departments, and offer tips on writing for peer reviewed publication. Registration is required and more details are available here.

PHS Seminars: The next PHS seminar will be presented by Programme alumnus Caitriona Cahir, Senior Postdoctoral Researcher, Division of Population Health Sciences, RCSI.  The seminar entitled “Measuring the determinants of hormonal therapy medication taking behaviour in women with breast cancer using theoretical models of behaviour change” will take place in RCSI on October 25th from 11.30am to 12.30pm. All are welcome.

Reducing alcohol consumption – guidelines, local government and digital technologies: The NIHR School for Public Health Research and UCL Centre for Behaviour Change event ‘Reducing alcohol consumption: guidelines, local government and digital technologies’ is now open. The event, to be held on 12 October 2016 at the Institute of Child Health, will bring together researchers and practitioners in the field of excessive alcohol consumption reduction. Hear about the latest research evidence and research evidence gaps and join in the debate in the networking reception.  Registration for the event is free with places allocated on a first come first served basis.  For further information and to register please click here.

UCL Centre for Behaviour Change have now announced the three keynote speakers for the upcoming CBC Digital Health Conference 2017. They are; Ching-Hua Chen, IBM Research, Susan A. Murphy, University of Michigan and Bill Riley, NIH Office of Behavioural and Social Sciences Research. For further updates please click here.
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A possible link between car exhausts and Alzheimer’s: Iron is known to be toxic to brain cells, and tiny magnetic iron particles (magnetite) are thought to be involved in the development of neurological disorders. For the first time,the abundant presence of these highly reactive particles in human brains has been identified.  Previous studies have suggested that there are increased amounts of magnetite in Alzheimer’s-affected brains, and that these particles may be linked with the development of the disease. Professor Barbara Maher and Professor David Allsop investigated if this increased brain magnetite might come from inhaling polluted air.  To read more click here.